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Advanced High Performance Debug Probe
BDML (Discontinued)
BDM Lightning - BDM Accelerator PCI Card
CABLE_16/32 (Discontinued)
CPU16/3xx BDM Interface (5V, Parallel Port)
CABLE_16/32LV (Discontinued)
CPU16/3xx Low-Voltage BDM Interface (3.3V, Parallel Port)
10-Pin Ribbon Cable for 68HC16/683xx/Power Architecture 5xx/8xx
CPU3xx Command-Line Assembler
PLCC Replacement GAL for CABLE_16/32 (Discontinued)
CPU3xx Incircuit Debugger
Multilink Trade-In Program

PKG 683xx Development Packages
PKG 683xx development packages include PEmicro's in-circuit debugger, flash programmer, development environment, assembler, register decoder, and a choice of one PEmicro hardware debug interface.
CPU3xx Flash/EEPROM Programmer Software
Unit Library SDK for CPU3XX
C/C++ and Delphi library modules which allow the creation of custom PC applications which use PEmicro hardware interfaces to control CPU3XX processors via background debug mode.
USB-ML-16/32 (Discontinued)
USB BDM Interface cable for the 68HC16 and CPU3xx
CPU3xx Windows Integrated Development Environment

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