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(Features subject to change)

PEmicro offers CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX production programmers. All of our Cyclones are full-featured tools for in-circuit flash programming, debug, and test. CYCLONE FX programmers add features like:

  • Blazing programming speed saves you valuable time.
  • Huge internal memory makes managing images simple.
  • Enhanced security features help lock down your IP.
  • An SD port gives you the convenience of expandable memory.
  • Expansion ports enable unique, valuable plug-ins such as a barcode scanner for programming.

Which of these is right for your project? See the table below for a detailed feature comparison between Cyclone and Cyclone FX.

Cyclone Models/Device Support CYCLONE CYCLONE FX
CYCLONE_ACP: Supports a variety of ARM cortex MCUs

CYLONE_UNIVERSAL: Covers a variety of ARM cortex MCUs as well as STMicroelectronics SPC5 and NXP's Kinetis, LPC, S32, Qorivva (MPC5xxx), MPC5xx/8xx, DSC, S12Z, RS08, S08, HC08, HC(S)12(X), and Coldfire MCU's

CYCLONE_ACP_FX: Supports a variety of ARM cortex MCUs

CYLONE_UNIVERSAL_FX: Covers a variety of ARM cortex MCUs as well as STMicroelectronics SPC5 and NXP's Kinetis, LPC, S32, Qorivva (MPC5xxx), MPC5xx/8xx, DSC, S12Z, RS08, S08, HC08, HC(S)12(X), and Coldfire MCU's

Touchscreen Navigation & Control
  • 4.3" Touchscreen Display
  • Easily navigable LCD menu
  • Can be used to perform Stand-Alone
    Programming (SAP) operations
Powerful LCD Menu
  • Executes SAP operations
  • Selects SAP image
  • Configures Cyclone Universal IP settings
  • Displays operation status
Convenient LED Display
  • Indicates success or failure
Versatile Power Management
  • Uses electromechanical relays to automatically cycle target power when necessary.
  • Jumper-settable power management schemes.
Multiple Memory Modules In One SAP Image
  • Supports multiple programming algorithms for internal or external memory modules such as EEPROM and Flash.
Multiple Voltage Operation
  • Automatically detects and caters to target voltages
  • Can handle target voltages ranging from 1.8V to 5V.
Automatic Serial Number Mechanism
  • Supports serial number programming and automatic incrementing
  • Supports multiple serial number structures within each SAP Image.
Powerful Automated Control Package For Production Control
  • Basic Automated Control Package (included) supports
    host-controlled SAP operations for one Cyclone.
  • Professional and Enterprise editions of Automated
    Control Packages available for purchase.
  • Multiple Cyclones can create a Gang Programmer using a variety of different communication interfaces.
  • Different SAP Images on different Cyclones devices can execute simultaneously.
Versatile Programming Software
  • Free image creation utility, image management utility, and IP configuration utility
Real-Time Clock
  • System clock with battery backup, can be configured to display time and date on the main screen.
  • Time zone can be configured and time can be updated from the internet.
Production Environment Ready
  • Cyclones feature voltage protection technology.
Extended Security Features CYCLONE CYCLONE FX
  • Anti-tamper Technology
  • Internal memory protection & encryption

Includes enhanced security features:

  • Anti-tamper Technology
  • Internal memory protection & encryption
  • Limit image programming to a date range
  • Limit # of programming operations
On-Board Storage
  • 16MB, up to 8 programming images
  • 1GB, no practical limit to # of images
High-Speed Target Communications
  • Very fast
  • Extremely fast: Up to 25Mb/s
Multiple Communication Interfaces
  • USB 2.0 Full-speed
  • USB 2.0 High-speed
  • Ethernet: 10/100 baseT
  • Serial Baud 115200, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit (adjustable to 57600 Baud for RS232 controlled production environment)
Expandable Storage - SDHC Memory Card Support -
  • SDHC Port
Expansion Ports -
  • USB Expansion Port allows image selection and programming initiation via barcode scanner.
Multiple SAP Images
  • Onboard Cyclone memory stores up to 8 images.
  • No practical limit to number of images stored in onboard Cyclone memory
  • Images for different architectures can co-exist.

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