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PEmicro Development & Production Solutions

What is OpenSDA?
OpenSDA is a low-cost debug/programming interface embedded in certain NXP evaluation boards. It handles debug communications between the PC and target via USB. Evaluation boards that feature OpenSDA are great for the beginning phases of development. PEmicro hosts OpenSDA resources here.

Transitioning from OpenSDA
When you're ready to move from an evaluation board to full-scale development or production, PEmicro offers a broad range of tools to suit your particular needs.

  • Debug: Our all-in-one Multilink Universal and Multilink Universal FX development interfaces work with many NXP architectures, and represent both standard and high-speed interfaces.

  • Debug with Trace Capture: For those who want to be able to perform trace capture we offer the Tracelink, which features 128MB of trace storage at an affordable price.

  • Production Programming: For production programming tasks, including full automation with one or more programmers, we feature a line of fast, versatile, and sturdy CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX stand-alone programmers.

Software Support
All of the PEmicro tools featured below are compatible with NXP's MCUXpresso, Kinetis Design Studio, S32 Design Studio, & Codewarrior, as well as PEmicro software and toolchains from third-party vendors such as IAR, Keil, and Cosmic. Trace data capture with the Tracelink is supported by recent versions of NXP's CodeWarrior.

All-In-One Debug/Development
PEmicro's Multilink Universal and high-speed Multilink Universal FX are debug interfaces with great value and versatility. They each support in-circuit debug with many NXP architectures & many ARM device manufacturer parts, and feature a case that flips open for easy access to the debug headers. In addition, the Multilink Universal FX features up to 10X download speed for synchronous devices and can provide target power.
Debug with Trace Capture
The Tracelink is an affordable, high-speed development interface which can capture up to 128MB of external trace on NXP Kinetis and ColdFire V2-4 microcontrollers. It can communicate via either USB or Ethernet. The Tracelink's ability to capture real-time trace information from the target processor is invaluable for debugging applications where traditional step/breakpoint methods are simply impractical.
Production Programming
PEmicro's CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX are flexible in-circuit programming solutions for either low- or high-volume production programming. They feature 4.3" color LCD touchscreens and on-board memory that allow them to be used stand-alone or with a PC. Control of one or more Cyclones can be controlled and fully automated. All CYCLONE and CYCLONE FX programmers support many ARM device manufacturer parts, and each also offers a model that adds support for several NXP & STMicroelectronics 8-/16-/32-bit architectures. CYCLONE FX models also offer a host of enhancements, including additional security features, faster communnications, larger on-board memory, expandable memory, and extension ports.

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