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Software and Hardware Engineering: Freescale M68HC12
by Prof. Fred Cady and Jim Sibigtroth

Available from Oxford University press, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble (ISBN 0-19-512469-3). Fred Cady has written other college textbooks for the M68HC11 and has been teaching microcontrollers at Montana State University-Bozeman for several years. Jim Sibigtroth is the Freescale systems engineer who defined the M68HC11, wrote the M68HC11 Reference Manual (aka the Pink Book), and was part of the team that defined the M68HC12.

This book can be used as a textbook for an undergraduate course on microcontrollers, as a reference manual for the M68HC12, or as a source for numerous programming examples. The early chapters can also serve as a tutorial for engineers who are new to assembly language programming. All code examples were developed and assembled using P&E Microcomputer Systems tools, and can be run on the M68EVB912B32 or M68HC12A4EVB evaluation boards.

For additional information and to see the source code for the examples presented in the book, go to

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