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Production Programming & Test

Production Programming - Manual Control

PEmicro's solution for manually controlled production line programming is the Cyclone Stand Alone programmer. The stand-alone interface was designed to by very simple to operate and provides very high speed programming at a low cost. The units are also very reliable and protect the IP being programmed.

For manual production lines where an operator is initiating the programming of the target, the Cyclone is an extremely simple tool to use. Programming is as simple as pushing a single button on the unit. Programming launches and the on-board LCD displays the current state of the programming process. The final result is displayed on the LCD as well as on highly visible LEDs which clearly indicate the programming result (GREEN for good, RED for ERROR).

The Cyclone unit can contain multiple images within the unit. The image may be selected via the menu available on the LCD screen. The Cyclone remembers the last chose image even after it is powered down.


A programming image contains the data to be programmed, the device-specific programming algorithm, and the steps to be taken during programming and verification. Programming images are very simple to create via PEmicro's image creation utility. New programming images may be downloaded into the Cyclone via a simple to use GUI. Programming images are not allowed to be read out of the Cyclone for security reasons.

Images within the Cyclone are checked for validity during the programming process. Utilities on a PC can also validate the image on the Cyclone Unit.

The image being programmed into the target can have a serial number or other dynamic data block which automatically increments between programs. A description of the serial number feature can be found here.

PEmicro offers two lines of Cylcone in-system programmers, Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX. The more advanced Cyclone FX programmers feature faster communications, larger internal memory, external memory expansion via SDHC card, advanced control/automation operations, and ProCryption Security (RSA/AES image encrytion and image programming restrictions). Some of these features can be added to Cyclone LC programmers via the purchase of an activation license.

Cyclone FX programmers also offer a feature that can potentially improve the efficiency of the production programming process. A barcode scanner can be connected to a Cyclone FX via its USB host port, and the scanner then used to select and launch a specific programming image simply by scanning a bar code. Read more about the benefits of incorporating barcode scanning into the production programming process in our Expert's Corner.

The Cyclone may also be controlled by a computer during the programming process. PEmicro has many utilities which facilitate the process. These are described in the automated production programming section. [please link] The Cyclone may also be used as a debug hardware interface between the PC and target. See the product page for more details.

Cyclone programmers are available for many architectures. For detailed information about the feature set included with the Cyclone please refer to the user’s manual of one of the Cyclone units.

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