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Development and Debug

Flash Programming

PEmicro offers flash programming solutions that are designed to program target memory in-circuit. This includes both a processor's internal memory and external flash connected to the processor's address/data bus. These solutions give the user the option of mounting the processor or memory device on the final printed circuit board before programming it.

Our hardware and software tools for flash programming during the product development stage are designed to be easy to use, robust, and inexpensive.

PROG Software

PEmicro's PROG Flash Programming software allows you to program/reprogram both internal and external flash devices in-circuit, via one of PEmicro's hardware interfaces (see below). PROG also includes the command-line version of the programmer software (CPROG), which allows for scripted programming. The programmer talks to the processor's Background Debug Mode through the hardware interface, which connects the PC to a standard connector on the target system. PROG comes with an extensive library of programming algorithms. PROG (& CPROG) software is typically sold separately from our Multilink hardware interfaces, however it is included with our Cyclone interfaces.

Hardware Options

PEmicro's Multilink Universal and high-speed Multilink Universal FX are affordable USB-based hardware interfaces which can be used with PEmicro software to program flash. These are typically sold separately from our programming software. The Multilink connects between your PC's USB port and the appropriate standard debug connector on the target. By allowing PEmicro's software to control the microcontroller, the Multilink enables the user to directly control the target’s execution, read/write registers and memory values, debug code on the processor, and program internal or external FLASH memory devices.

PEmicro's Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX programmers provide a more robust and flexible development solution which can debug and program a microprocessor-based target via either Serial, USB, or Ethernet ports. These include programming software (Cyclone versions of both PROG and CPROG for any devices supported by the Cyclone) so there is typically no need to buy separate programming software. The Serial and USB ports can be used to access the target hardware directly from the Host PC, while the Ethernet port allows the target hardware to be placed anywhere on a corporate LAN or even the Internet.

ARM® Cortex® device solutions

If you are working with ARM Cortex devices, such as NXP's Kinetis® or an ARM device from a different manufacturer, view PEmicro's full list of supported ARM Cortex devices at our ARM device resource page.

ARM and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere. Kinetis is a registered trademark of NXP Semiconductors.

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