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Multilink FX - 68336 Reading & Writing
Daniel G. Mar 12, 2020 at 07:22 PM (19:22 hours)
Staff: Steve M.

  • Hello, I am reading a Possible Bad MC68336 with the Multilink FX and Prog32. Sometime it fail to initialize the target.
    When it read it Memory windows just show up XX in all the memory.

    I tried with a Good know good ECM and the Prog32 just never stop initializing the Target or is taking to long time. I cancel it.
    I am able to read the External Flash in both ECMs correctly just after I put a jumper in the Cristal Oscillator of the Possible ASIC microcontroller in the same board.

    My question is

    Can I read Any MC68336?

    I need clon the internal memmory to be able to replace the failed microcontroller.

    Could be the MC68336 Secured and impossible to be read with any tool??

    Thank you.


    • Hello,

      This request has been also submitted in the form of a Support Request. We can continue the conversation there was I may ask for further information (selected algorithm, screenshots, etc.).


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