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Failure during Flash programming
Victor M. Dec 3, 2019 at 10:43 AM (10:43 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hello,

    I am unable to program my microcontroller using either PROGPPCNEXUS or ICDPPCNEXUS. I am using the 64K starter edition (version 6.94). My mcu is MPC5676R. The mcu is censored.

    When I use PROGPPCNEXUS I am able to connect and select the programming algorithm (NXP_MPC5676R_1x32x64k_base_0.pcp). It is unsuccessful loading this and replies with the message: "Error loading .PCP file : <path>"

    I then attempt to use ICDPPCNEXUS to load a file. I cannot use the button "Connect (Reset)" as it connects and says "MPC567xR Device detected" in the status window and then exits out immediately back to the PEMICRO Connection Manager window. However, I can use the "Hotsync" feature to connect and can see contents of memory/debug. (In a nutshell I can only connect to the MCU with Hotsync)

    After doing this I try using ICDPPCNEXUS' file load feature to download a binary into flash. However, I am getting "cannot enter background mode. check connections. ERROR 34 during script!".

    Do you have any recommendations on what to do to get the software to be able to flash properly? My device is censored and I am able to get in using the hotsync feature and run code using the step commands without issue, so my connection to the mcu is somewhat decent... I am unsure what to look at specifically.


  • Greetings,

    Do you have any external watchdog on the board? This may be interrupting communication and you will have to disable it. This would explain how you are able to connect briefly and load the algorithm, but communication is lost soon afterwards because the reset from the watchdog is clearing it out of RAM.

    Use an oscilloscope and monitor the RESET line. If you see if toggling consistently then you have a watchdog problem.

    If everything else looks fine, then you may just have a debug shift speed problem. When you open PROG or ICD, lower the shift speed and add 250ms delay after reset. This should help improve any communication problems.

    Are you using custom ribbon cables, adapters, or anything else not mentioned yet?


    • Hello Takao,

      I do not have an external watchdog on board. I've checked the board and do not see anything else tied to reset besides the MCU, but there is always the chance that i've missed something.

      Using an oscilloscope I can see my reset voltage sits around 3.3V. While using PROGPPCNEXUS it is pulled down to 0 when I hit "Connect" and then jumps back up to 3.3V. When i select a *.pcp file to load the voltage drops slightly to 2.8V and jumps back up to 3.3V.

      I have added the 250 ms delay after reset and dropped the shift frequency to 0.769Mhz (30).

      I have a cyclone max, and ribbon cable that came with the cyclone max.

      One other detail with PROGPPCNEXUS is that after it fails to load the *.pcp file. If i do this again, I get the message "Not able to access processor. Try a software reset. Error communicating to target processor - try a RESET"

  • Greetings,

    There is nothing else to try other than lowering debug shift and adding delay after reset. You have the correct hardware and ribbon cable. The only other suggestion is to update your Cyclone Max firmware and PROGPPCNEXUS software for free by downloading the Cyclone software:


    • Hello,

      Alright, Thanks for the suggestions.


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