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codewarrior cant connect target (cyclone LC)
liang z. Nov 4, 2019 at 09:30 PM (21:30 hours)
Staff: Steve M.

  • Hi, friends,
    1. The RTC error icon appears in the upper right corner of the cyclone screen.cant update with internet.
    2. win10,codewarrior v10.7, Driver(Cyclone/TraceLink,pemicrowindrvr)

    problem: cant connect target(codewarrior target setting has nothing)

    Liang Zhu


    • Hi Liang,

      Sorry for the late reply. Would it be possible to take a screenshot of this specific error and send it in a Support Request so we can take a further look?



      • Hi Steve,

        The problem was sovled.Thanks,because jumpers are not set correctly.

        But,our board powers the MCU. don't need the cyclone to power the MCU. Why ca n't download? And I tried all the jumper ways.

        Does cyclone need to configure something???



        • Codewarrior Error:INF: 
          INF: (Bus Freq = 12483KHz)
          INF: Initialized.
          INF: ;version 1.03, 6/27/2014, Copyright P&E Microcomputer Systems, [freescale_mm9z1j638_pflash]
          INF: ;device freescale, mm9z1j638, 1x16x64k, desc=all
          INF: ;begin_cs device=$00100000, length=$00020000, ram=$00001000
          INF: Loading programming algorithm ...
          INF: Done.
          INF: CMD>EM
          INF: Erasing.
          INF: Module could not be erased.
          ERR: Error Erasing flash of device
          ERR: Error occured during Flash programming.

        • Hi Liang,

          You have to make sure that the TVCC pin from the Cyclone to your target device is connected as well. Another common issue is a hardware reset or external watchdog is being activated during this process at some time.

          I would measure the TVCC pin going to connecting from your target device to the Cyclone and see what voltage you are getting there. I would also try probing the RESET pin and make sure that it is not being activated during the erasing/programming process.


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