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PE Micro Multilink with MCB1800
Andrea M. Oct 14, 2019 at 10:47 AM (10:47 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • We are trying to use the debugger with the MCB1800 evaluation board (connector J6 Cortex debug). The software we are using is MCUXPRESSO (V.11.0.1).
    In The debug window we choose SWD debug, with the PE Micro hardware interface.
    The debug enable jumper is correctly inserted on the board.
    But the debugger is not able to connect to the board.
    What are we forgetting? We don't see, with the oscilloscope, the /RST signal is switching to low level. What is the problem with the debugger?
    Thank you.


  • Hi Andrea, 

    Thank you for reaching out. What version of PEmicro Multilink are you using? What is the revision number?

    To work with LPCxxx devices from NXP, you need to have PEmicro Multilink Universal RevC or higher, or USB Multilink FX RevB or higher, or Multilink ACP rev A/B.

    Can you please take a screen capture of your debug configurations settings dialog with all settings configured and email it to zahar "at" pemicro "dot" com.

    Best Regards,

    • Thank you, today I sent you the e-mail with the screen shot.
      Best regard.

  • The issue turned out to be improper jumper configuration. 

    To properly debug the board via an external debug interface, the following jumpers need to be set:

    Jumper 5 and Jumper 17 to enable JTAG debug module.

    Jumper 4 need to be configured to boot up LPC1857 processor in UART3 boot (in ISP mode).

    Best Regards,

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