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Error 18 during script
Mohsin Noman M. Sep 30, 2019 at 08:06 AM (08:06 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi there,

    I'm trying to prgram a coldfire chip with cprogcfz-cyclone and i get error 18.
    I have used progcfz-cyclone and it seems to be working fine with that. But when it comes to command line, I get error 18 during script.
    I am pasting the contents of log file under:

    REM Command Line :CPROGCFZ_CYCLONE ? C:\Users\mohmusno\Desktop\files\programmingOfNXPwithCPROGCFZ.cfg Interface=CYCLONE Port=USB1 /logfile C:\Users\mohmusno\Desktop\files\mylog.log
    REM Executable Name :C:\PEMicro\cyclone\InteractiveProgrammer\cprogcfz_cyclone.exe
    CYCLONE detected - Flash Version 10.24
    Device Debug Module : Revision A
    Device Detected : 5232_33_34_35

    CMD>CM C:\PEMicro\cyclone\supportfiles\supportFiles_CF\External Flash Algorithms\MXIC_29LV320A-B_1x16x2meg_523x.CFP FFC00000This version of PROG requires a Cyclone.

    Initializing. -Device Debug Module : Revision A
    Device Detected : 5232_33_34_35
    ;version 1.07, 10/05/2005, Copyright P&E Microcomputer Systems, [Am29_320db_w_523x]
    ;device MXIC, 29LV320A-B, 1x16x2meg, proc=523x
    ;begin_cs device=$00000000, length=$00400000, ram=$80000000
    Loading programming algorithm ... Done.
    CMD>SS C:\Users\mohmusno\Desktop\405002.009_PRODUCTION_2.7.5_APP.s19
    Checking range of S records. -Checked.
    Programming. Address $ Processing Object File Data ... FFC00000Error during programmi

    Can someone please help me fix this error? Thanks


    • Hi Mohsin,

      In the case of your algorithm, flash is mapped to addresses $0 to $3FFFFF. According to the error message, your S19 file has data at $FFC00000 which is outside the flash range. The software doesn't understand this address and where the data is suppose to be located.

      PEmicro Support

  • Hi Johnny

    I appreciate your prompt answer. Then come it's working fine while using the GUI programmer? What will be the correct algo file for me? It is external flash which is being programmed btw.


    • Hi Mohsin,

      You're probably using the right algorithm. It looks like you tried using a base address of $FFC00000. Is that where you are putting your application? What are the addresses in your S19 file?

      PEmicro Support

  • Hi
    I don't have my work PC with me right now, will check it and let you know. But I was told that this is the address where it is supposed to go and the thing is, with the GUI programmer, I can erase and write again with the same start address. I will start debugging tomorrow again. Do you have any pointers for me as to what might be causing this. I will check the s19 file tomorrow.

    • Mohsin,

      We just need to figure out what base address you need to use based the contents of the S19. If you're not sure, you can send your s19 to so any one of our support engineers can analyze the file.

      PEmicro Support

  • Hi Johnny,

    I just found out that it was the PST signal that was causing the error when I used command line programmer.

    Now I am using <nopst> in command line call and the programming works as it should!



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