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P&E support for JTAG chaining questions
Gary O. Sep 17, 2019 at 04:22 PM (16:22 hours)
Staff: Mika I.

  • Hi --

    I am designing a product that will use an NXP Kinetis K60-something-or-other with a JTAG port. I plan to buy a MultiLink product for the job. I know you support the K60 family..

    One of my peripherals will be an Inventek Systems ISM43340 Bluetooth-and-WiFi-in-one-board that has an ST Micro STM32F405 Cortex M4 chip on it. It has a JTAG port, and I know you support this product as well. I don't expect to ever need to reprogram this device, and I am not sure how or even if I can use a debugger on this product to debug my main program on the K60.

    I know that JTAG ports are designed to be daisy-chained, but is that advisable, or even possle, for this situation?


  • Hi Gary,

    Does your board have separate JTAG ports for the K60 and the STM32F405? If so, you should be able to program each of them individually, without daisy-chaining.

    If you only have one JTAG port, and those chips are connected in a daisy chain structure, I can help you set up daisy-chaining in PROGACMP to program either of them.


    • Hi Mika --

      Well, the board isn't laid out yet, so in theory I could have two JTAG ports. But, it's REALLY tight; we are deleting other functions to make everything fit. From what you say, sharing one JTAG port is possible but not the easiest path.

      I forgot to say that I am using the 10 pin mini ARM JTAG port.

      I won't be able to use the information for at least a month, and I'll probably lose it in that time, so I will come back when I need it and ask how to do it.

      Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Gary,

    No problem; let me know when you're ready to set up your board.

    For the time being, feel free to read through our blog post about JTAG daisy chaining:
    The 10-pin mini JTAG port is perfect, and setting up daisy chained devices with our software should be fairly simple.

    Best Regards,

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