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I can't running debugger with MultiLink PEmicro on a ColdFire MCF52259
Santiago L. Sep 16, 2019 at 04:08 AM (04:08 hours)
Staff: Steve M.

  • Hi,
    We're developing a firmware for the ColdFire MCF52259 microcontroller based on S.O nichelite, cause of this, We need to use the CodeWarrior Version 7.2.
    Our Debugger is a PEmicro USB-Multilink Universal Rev. D and I connect both with the PORT D Coldfire BDM. Also, I update the firmware of the USB-multilink to Coldfire V234 Architecture with Version 1.09. When I connect the USB-Multilink with the board, I get the two leds always on.

    I be able to compile, erase the memory, program and run Firmwware through the Flash Programmer under Tool menu. However, I can't run in debug mode. When I execute the debuger I can't run, stop or even make a break point, I get a Error message: "ColdFire PE Protocol Adapter: Loose communications with hardware interface."

    I've tried with other debugger and I obtain the same issues. someone could help me with this issue?



    • Hi Santiago,

      Could you try downloading our latest CW Version 7.2 Patch? This can be found by navigating to our Support tab-> Documentation & Downloads-> Software Update and then select "Patch for ColdFire 3rd Party Software". I have also provided the URL to this download page.

      Let me know if this resolves your issue.


      • Hi, Steve.

        Thanks a lot for your help! It's works for me. Now I can debug my firmware!

        Thanks :D

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