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Ke04 Trim Value
Stefano D. Sep 4, 2019 at 06:21 AM (06:21 hours)
Staff: Gilbert Y.

  • Dear support, I use Codewarrior with USB Multilin Universal for MKE04Z8VWJ4 processor.

    When I select the "Calculate Trim and Program the Non-Volatile Trim Register" in the 0x3FF location there is the value for ICS_C3 - C4 register, but i read allway FF value in debug mode . Why ?
    I have try with different processors .


    • Hi Stefano,

      Which of the addresses are you checking in debug mode? The address of ICS_C3/ICS_C4 or the addresses in reserved flash 0x3FF and 0x3FE?

      Please see the following note from the KE04 manual:

      "ICS_C3 is automatically loaded during reset from a factory programmed location when not in a debug mode...The custom trim value must be programmed into reserved flash location 0x0000_03FF and copied to ICS_C3 during code initialization."

      The above is true for ICS_C4 as well.


      • Dear Gilber, thanks for your answer.

        I have understood that i cannot read in debug mode.

        My next question is: The Multilnk programmer with the ": CUSTOMTRIMREF 37500" command override the factory values with those needed to have the frequency indicated?


        • The ":CUSTOMTRIMREF 37500" entry means that we will calculate the trim value necessary for trimming the device's clock to 37.5 KHz. This will typically be used with the "PT ;Program Trim" command, which automatically programs the calculated value into the reserved flash location. Is the "PT" command a part of your routine?

          My understanding from the KE04 manual is that the user's application must copy the trim value from 0x3FF and 0x3FE into the ICS_C3 and ICS_C4 registers. This will not be done automatically at start up by the device.

          • Thanks

            Yes, in mmy routine I have also PT command

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