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can't access/program into mpc5748G DEV-KIT
. Jun 20, 2019 at 07:24 AM (07:24 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • Hello

    i'm trying to program 5748G bootLoader via S32 IDE or RAppID tool and it fails with message box "Loss communication with CCP MCU..."

    with S32 I can program any other project example which is not bootloader.

    mpc5748G loaded with <DEBUG-OPENSDA-E200_Pemicro_v110.SDA>

    any idea why it fails ?
    is it PEmicro driver mismatch with target or IDE/RAppID tool

    Thanks in advance


  • Hello, 

    Can you please describe your hardware and software setup?

    1. What version of S32 IDE are you using? You can find it out by going to Help -> About S32 Studio for Power.

    2. What version of PEMICRO plugin are you using? You can find it out by going to Help
    -> About S32 Studio for Power -> Installation Details.

    3. Please go to Debug Configurations and confirm that you have OpenSDA interface selected under Interface drop down menu within Debugger Tab. Does the OpenSDA get enumerated and displayed under the Port box?

    4. How are you providing power to the target processor on your DEVKIT-MPC5748G board. If you are providing power externally, you need to have power jumper J11 set to short pins 1-2. Providing power from the OpenSDA design requires jumper shunt to be set on pins 2-3.

    5. What operating system are you working under?

    Best Regards,

    • Hi
      thanks for reply quickly

      1.S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture

      Version: 2017.R1
      Build id: 171018
      (c) Copyright Freescale Semiconductor 2016. All rights reserved.
      (c) Copyright NXP 2017.
      Pemicro drivers v.12.7.0 for Windows OS binaries NXP
      PEmicro ARM Device Expansion Plugin P&E
      Microcomputer Systems Inc.
      3. yes, i'm using opensda and attached to USB (can program others projects)
      4. mainly with the opensda cord, but I have try with 12v as well (set
      jumpers according choosen power supply)
      5. freertos , yet i'm only want to program the bootLoader S32 example
      (without OS).


  • Hi Dany, 

    So, just to confirm I understand you correctly. You are able to program multiple projects via the OpenSDA interface on this board, and just fail to program a specific project?

    If that is the case, this means that the OpenSDA hardware interface works fine, and it is most likely a project related issue.

    Can you please send a link or instructions on where you get the Bootloader project you are trying to program under S32 IDE. If you have a specific project, you can email it to zahar dot raskin at pemicro dot com.

    Just to clarify, I can only provide details on how to use OpenSDA interface under S32 IDE, as we are not involved in development of RappiD application.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Zahar

      I'll send you this project in a minute
      Is it possible to program srec/rbf file with the RAppId tool ?
      I was suspected that I'm missing the correct driver in PC(windows) or target.
      with this program I can't see any flow on the trace window, it always respond with "Loss communication with CCP MCU".


  • Hi Dany, 

    I took a look at your BootLoader_5748G project and it looks like most of the data in the project is pointed to reside in RAM, and not FLASH of the project.

    Looking at the .s19 file, most of the data is placed at RAM location:


    When you try to run a debug session with this project, we detect that most of the project does not reside in FLASH, issue a corresponding error and end a debug session.

    In order to program this Bootloader into the FLASH of the 5748G device, you need to change the linker file to make sure that all the data in this project resides in FLASH. I recommend generating a blank example 5748G project and comparing the linker file settings to the ones in your project.

    There is not issue with the actual OpenSDA connection or PC drivers on your computer.

    I am not familiar with RAppID utility, as we are not the ones who developed or maintain it. You would have to contact NXP support to get more help with using RAppID software.

    I found a couple of threads on NXP forums with people discussing issues related to RAppID which might be helpful:

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Zahar

      the srec files represent applications to my knowledge, only the RBF file pointed to 0x00F8C000 (flash 16K boot sector).
      there is a 4 projects configurations, only one is for the RBF

      I'll continue with NXP support.
      Tanks allot for your support
      it was very helpful, point up the problem

      Best Regards

  • Hi Dany, 

    Glad that you got some clarity in terms of S32 connection and project's linker file settings.

    Please feel free to post the potential solution for PAppID utility here, when you resolve your problem, so our other users will not what to do in their attempts to use it.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Zahar

      I'll be glad to post it here

      Best Regards

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