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CodeWarrior 5.7.0 - Multilink Universal - MCF5272VM
Roger C. May 22, 2019 at 06:15 AM (06:15 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • First of all, this relates to an old project I have been given to work on and that this is the first time I've used this design suite.
    I'm trying to use the Multilink to debug a MCF5272VM. The module is connected up to my board using the CF adaptor. I've set CodeWarrior to use PEMICRO_USB and target processor to 5272. In the RAM Target Settings form, I've tried setting the 'Stop on application launch' to all three available options but when I start the debugger process, it appears the code (.elf file) gets downloaded but then I always get the message 'Could not set PC to entry point'. Any ideas how I resolve this issue?
    Thank you.


  • Many thanks for your comments Johnny. I'm out of the office now until Tuesday. I'll check my system when back.

  • Hello Johnny,

    Was trying all the above with CodeWarrior 5.7.0 so have now downloaded and installed v7.2

    When running for the first time, the program converts my 5.7 mcp file.
    It removes a file 'C_4i_CF_Runtime.a' from RAM Target and I get two complie errors:

    • oops, too quick with the mouse click :)

      two errors:
      1. Could not find or load file "fp_coldfire.o" for RAM Target.
      2. Could not find or load file "C_TRK_4i_CF_MSL.a" for RAM Target.

      Any ideas?

      Many thanks

      • >   1. Could not find or load file "fp_coldfire.o" for RAM Target.

        1. .o files are object files generated by the compiler before they are linked together by the linker to create the final executable. The compiler can't find "fp_coldfire.c".

        2. This sounds like your compiler can't find "C_TRK_4i_CF_MSL.a".

        I would look into your project paths or include directories. It sounds like the compiler is not looking in the right folder for those files or those files are missing. If they are missing, you need to talk to NXP.


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