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Problems with CYCLONE_CONTROL.dll in Labview
Tomas S. Mar 2, 2018 at 01:28 AM (01:28 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi i recently have some problems with CYCLONE_CONTROL.dll (version 5.89). Its simply not working at all, function connect_to_cyclonepromax always returning 0. using function START_execute_all_commands does nothing (uint32_t Start_execute_all_commands(uint32 handle,uint8_t image_id)). However i have CycloneControlSDK.dll (version 6.68) and its almost work fine. Labview was able connect to cyclone_ST, function Start_execute_all_commands is working fine, but function START_dynamic_program_bytes is not working at all. We pursue professional license. Any suggestion ? Maybe CycloneControlSDK.dll is basic version? and START_dynamic_program_bytes simply not available.


  • Hello, i found the problem, its my mistake :) before function connect_to_cyclonepromax you must use function enumerate_all_ports. Simply sollution Read the ... manual :)

    • Hi Tomas

      Yes you should call enumerate_all_ports once before you use any other function.

      You might also find the flow chart in section 3.6 helpful. It describes a typical usage scenario which is:

      Step 1: Initiate programming operations. “START_execute_all_commands”
      carries out the programming operations defined in the stand-alone image stored
      on the Cyclone unit. “START_dynamic_program_bytes” allows the user to
      manually specify the data as well as the memory address of the programming.

      Step 2 : Wait for programming completion. Note that no error checking is
      provided by the “check_STARTED_cyclonepromax_status” call. A result of 0 will
      be returned even if an error has occurred or if communication with the Cyclone is lost.

      Step 3 : Retrieve the error code from the Cyclone unit to determine if the
      programming was successful.


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