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PROGCFZ license
. Dec 18, 2017 at 04:32 PM (16:32 hours)
Staff: Anita B.

  • Hi There,  I'm trying to install PROGCFZ on my target machine but there are no more valid activation's remaining.  The last activation I used was on a windows virtual machine in Linux, and it was impossible for me to get the parallel port working in the virtual machine.  I was never able to use the software since the parallel port wouldn't work, and since then I have deleted that virtual machine since it was useless to me.  Would you be able to remove the last activation so that I can try again on a different machine with a working parallel port?


    • I added an activation to the user's license.

  • Would it kill you people to come out with a cross-platform version of your tools?  The ONLY thing I need windows for is to program my micro.  And I despise windows.  Therefore I despise the tools that force me to launch a windows VM...

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