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No display and communicate with my cyclone Pro
dieng m. Nov 20, 2017 at 09:48 AM (09:48 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • There is no text in display and i cannot communicate the cyclone on RS232, USB or Ethernet. The error LED stay turn on and i can't reset it.

    Thanks for your support


    • It sounds like your Cyclone has developed a firmware or hardware fault. We will need to analyze it to determine the best course of repair. Please update your account with your shipping information so I can issue a RMA. Please note that there might be a fee for any repairs.

      • Hello,

        I have updtating my account and you can issue a RMA


        • I emailed you the RMA number. Please ship just the unit to us (do not send any accessories). PEMICRO does not reimburse any shipping costs.

          • Hello,

            Actually i was using the cyclone Pro in our industrial production and i would like to know if you could explain me how can i do the reset hardware in order to restart the cyclone.
            Cause it's very urgent. And if i don't have any success, i'll send you the cyclone in the next days.


            • If you can no longer communicate with the Cyclone on any of the interfaces, then you cannot reprogram it. It would need to be reprogrammed on our in house test fixture.

              • In this case and just reprogram it, how much will that cost and how many days will it take.


                • Reprogramming is free and we can do it within a day or two of receiving your Cyclone. However if reprogramming doesn't fix the unit then there is a hardware fault and there will be a fee for any repairs.

                  • Ok, i will send the Cyclone Pro, you hold me informed please, if the reprogramming doesn't work.
                    And send me the repair estimate and the time this will take it.

                    Thanks a lot

  • Hello,

    I would know if you have already received the cyclone Pro yet?


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