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Dynamic Data Programming
Willian R. Nov 7, 2017 at 03:08 PM (15:08 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi,

    Using the Cyclone Control SDK, when I try to use the function startDynamicDataProgram, I get the error 0x3003: Program operation failed or was canceled. So I tried Cyclone Control Console, and then I got the same results. How do I know what is going on?

    Cyclone Control Console Output:

    C:\PEMicro\cyclone\cycloneControl>.\CycloneControlConsole.exe -cyclone= -launchimage=1 -putdynamicstring=1,8029594,1

    Cyclone Control Console - Version

    Opening Cyclones ... Success.
    Handle 0001 : Cyclone Universal_PEM503C12 ( opened successfully.

    Launching programming image ...
    Cyclone Universal_PEM503C12 ( : launching image 'SAP DESCRIPTION' (Image 1) ... Launched.
    Waiting for programming image completion ...
    Cyclone Universal_PEM503C12 ( : image 'SAP DESCRIPTION' (Image 1) ... Programming Successfully Completed.
    Put Dynamic Data
    Analyzing parameters...
    [Cyclone] = 1
    [Address] = 0x08029594
    [Data] = "1"
    Parameters valid
    Programming Dynamic Data...Verifying Dynamic Data...Unable to verify the data programmed dynamically
    Error: Error: Program operation failed or was cancelled

    Final Result : Error 3003 : Error Occurred.


    • Also, I am using Cyclone FX.

      • Hi William,

        Please verify that the address 0x08029594 you are trying to program is blank "0xFF" and is not programmed by your SAP image. You can verify the value at that location with our GUI PROG software and the Show Module command.

        Also make sure that you don't reset the target processor or turn off power to your board prior to programming dynamic data (otherwise you would need to reload the flash programming algorithm).


        • Hi Johnny,

          When I use the GUI PROG I see the addresses that need to be programmed, that are now 0xFF. But, these addresses set to 0xFF are set by the firmware, so it was programmed by the SAP image. Is there a way to overcome this requirement?

          • William,

            The way flash operates is each cell can only be programmed from a blank state. If your SAP image programs the addresses when it is programming the main code, then the dynamic data programming will fail. Is the data from the SAP permanent? Some devices have a block erase/sector erase command. If it isn't permanent, you can add that to the end of your SAP programming sequence to erase those addresses. However keep in mind that this erases everything in that entire block or sector.


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