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PKGCFZ. Problems with understanding SDK #2
Artem S. Oct 20, 2017 at 04:18 PM (16:18 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I duplicate my question. Is it possible to put a breakpoint using your SDK?


    • Hi Artem,

      What processor are you debugging? Our debugger ICDCFZ does allow you to set hardware and software breakpoints. The command is 'br'. Are you able program your code to the processor?


      • Processor MCF5475. Sorry, I made a mistake, I'm talking about UNITCFZ.
        1. Is there any function in SDK for setting a breakpoint?
        2. Is there any function in the SDK for restarting the processor?

        • 1. You'll need to use the write_data_long routine and write the address directly to one of the breakpoint registers.  As you are stepping through the code, when the program counter matches what is in the breakping register, the processor will halt.

          2. The function force_background_mode drivers RST low to perform a soft rest and then tries to force the CPU indebug mod.

  • Faced a serious problem - I can read the memory from the device, but I can not write to the device's memory.
    I attach a simple code as I do it -

    • Sorry, I understood what my mistake was. I tried to write to a protected area of memory

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