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Not connecting with MCUXeppress
. Sep 27, 2017 at 04:42 PM (16:42 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • I'm trying to connect to a a FRDM-KL27Z board from Win10
    I've uggraded to
    Board Name is: FRDM-KL27Z
    MicroBoot Kernel Version is: 1.06
    Bootloader Version is: 1.12
    Installed Application: PEMicro FRDM-KL27Z Mass Storage/Debug App
    Application Version is: 1.18

    and the board shows up as above.
    Whatever I do whether its through "OpenSDA - USB Port" or a USB Multilink" I get
    "an error occured while connecting to the itnerface hardware or target specified "
    Any suggestions what I should be looking for, I've been trying options for two days now.
    I also run into a similar problem if I try a KDS3.2 setup.


    • Ok I'm connecting now. Hurrah.
      For the FRDM-KL27Z board I needed to remove the pin from J17 - this wasn't the same as the FRDM-64K board - its better set up now. Still no documentation in the UG, I had to look to the cct for a description.
      Now I can connect and download a program - but there isn't a serial port that I can find of with the PE connection. Should I be able to find one? thanks,

  • Ok - I've found the Serial over the OpenSDA - but then of course the PE interface over OpenSDA isn't connecting to the MK27Z64. 
    The PE OpenSDA not working (over win10) is what started me off trying to find a working route.
    I guess at least now I have some confidence my embedded design should work with the Multilink and need a separate debug port.

  • Yes,

    Unfortunately the process for enabling debug on these boards is not always straightforward.

    To be clear, the multilink is connecting correctly but your issue is now opensda?



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