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Reading the SN by the MCU itself
Haizhou L. Sep 14, 2017 at 02:02 PM (14:02 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I am going to buy the Cyclone FX for the SN programming. I tried to find the answer in the zip file but I cannot open the help file.

    I want to be very sure that the MCU can read the SN itself and I bet it should be able. You keep the SN at a constant address or constant offset, or some other ways?



    • Hi Haizhou,

      Are you trying to read the serial number off of your boards? What is the MCU that you are trying to read/program?


      • Hey Johnny,

        Thanks for reply!

        We are using NXP kinetis K64. We have a display in the system. I would like to let the K64 read the SN and show the SN on the display.

        If I program this SN by Cyclone FX, can the K64 read the number out?


        • Hi Haizhou,

          The Cyclone FX can program an S19 file to the internal flash of the Kinetis K64. Does this answer your question?


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