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Need help with DLL file calls in LabVIEW
SABARI SARAVANAN M. Sep 14, 2017 at 06:10 AM (06:10 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi,

    I've purchased cyclone pro professional version(HCS08 Architecture) from PE. Since I can able to do flashing through .dll file in LabVIEW. But I couldn't UPDATE IMAGE FILE PATH function in LabVIEW, whenever I've tried it gives output false(=0) in .dll which means selected file haven't updated.

    SAP file am using with .s19 format.

    Here are the steps in LabVIEW(.dll),

    1. Enumerate all Ports
    2. Connect to Cyclone
    3. Execute all Commands
    4. Check Started Cyclone
    5. Get Lost Error Code
    6. Update Image with File
    7. Toggle Power
    8. Cyclone Media Type
    9. Disconnect from Cyclone
    10. Close all Ports.

    is there any restriction before do it UPDATE IMAGE FILE PATH function, Should I wants to UPDATE HCS08 Algorithm file(*.s89)?

    Please revert me ASAP.



    • is there anyone to help me?

    • Hello @Jonny,

      How should to be UPDATE IMAGE FILE path in dll?
      like as Desktop\D.s19 (which means It's my file path sample).

      For it I've assigned input parameters are,

      @Cycloneprmaxhandle = 1
      @aFile = Desktop\D.s19

      For it I should receive function return = TRUE. But I'm receiving

      Can you help me to solve this issue by ASAP?

      • Thanks for your co operates I got it solution with my self.

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