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Cyclone ACP for ARM Devices Blank screen
Matt L. Sep 12, 2017 at 01:01 PM (13:01 hours)
Staff: Esteban G.

  • We were using the cyclone to program devices and the screen displayed something about "Updating FPGA....Do not disconnect" then the screen went blank. The back light is on. No USB connectivity. Windows Device Manager does not see it at all. Status lights are off. Buttons do nothing. Ethernet LEDs are solid on.

    What happened to it?


    • Hi Matt,

      It seems like the Cyclone was corrupted during the FPGA update. Please set up an RMA and we'll resolve the issue through our internal RMA system.


  • I have a support request. Support Request ID # 25392. Will this get me to the internal RMA system? How long does that normally take?

    • Hi Matt,

      We'll resolve the issue using that Support Request ID.

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