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Store and flash several images to Cyclone MAX using command line arguments
Markus N. Sep 11, 2017 at 07:49 AM (07:49 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi, I am currently using an Cyclone Max to flash several products within our automated line. We are using the executables csapcmpz.exe and sap_launch.exe to store an image to the progammer and then flash it. After that we store another image and then flash that one. This is too time consuming so now we would like to prestore the progammer with the images in a preparation phase and later just flash image1 and then flash image2 etc. etc.

    This is the commads we are using today:

    > csapacmpz.exe INTERFACE=CYCLONEMAX PORT=[ip-adress] configfile.cfg
    > sap_launch.exe PORT[ip-adress] IMAGE=1

    Is it possible to do this using command line arguments?
    The sap_launcher seams easy just use IMAGE=1 and =2. But how do I specify the arguments in csapacmpz.exe?

    Where can I find the comand line documentation for this?



    • To make it more clear. This is what i would like to achieve:

      I would like to store two seperate images (image 1 and image 2) on the programmer, where as now the image 2 overwrites image 1 when entering the csapacmpz.exe command for the second time.

      > csapacmpz.exe image1
      > csapacmpz.exe image2
      > sap_launch.exe IMAGE=1
      > sap_launch.exe IMAGE=2

      I hope this understandable.


      • Hi Markus,

        I don't think this is possible due to restrictions in the commandline utilities, because there is a product for that.

        Cyclone Automated Control Package is what you are looking for:

        But I'd also like to know, if it is possible to upload more than one image to the cyclone max, without this Package.

        • My understanding is that there is limitations in the tool. I have created my own program for this using the Control Package.


      • The csap and sap_launch commandline utilities can only load one image to the Cyclone. If you want to store multiple images to the Cyclone in an automated fashion, you'll need our Cyclone Automated Control Package Professional or Enterprise Edition. There is a DLL and a scripting application that will allow you to do this.

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