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Problem with Cyclone Image Creation Utility Version
Saulo S. Aug 25, 2017 at 09:09 AM (09:09 hours)
Staff: Huajun L.

  • I got a Cyclone FX, and after I upgrade my computer with the Cyclone Image Creation Utility Version, I’m facing some issues:

    *Every time that I open the program, it gives me an error: “Value is not valid for this field type”. Then I click on “OK” and it opens correctly;

    *When I use the option “Save Cyclone Configuration”, the “save” button of the dialog box is named with “open”. (It works properly, just the name is wrong);

    *All the cyclone configurations that I save with the option “Use custom trim reference frequency” checked, doesn’t work when I use the option “Load Cyclone Configuration” (I don’t think it is a problem with my image, for it works correctly with “Store Image to Cyclone” and “Store Image to Disk”);

    *Every time that I close the Cyclone Image Creation Utility, it gives me “I/O error 32”.

    Obs.: the up to now, the Cyclone Image Management Utility Version is working fine.


  • Hi Saulo,

    Would you please send me you cfg file? My email address is

    The first error message has something to do with a value not converted properly.

    The "Save" vs "Open" button is a Delphi code issue. We use save dialog but it shows "Open". Frustrating to me as well.

    I cannot reproduce the custom trim issue. I looked at the code, if the custom trim value is within range, it shows up properly. If it is out of range, it will show the default.

    Regarding I/O error 32: Please make sure the installation folder for the Cyclone is not write protected.


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