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Option Bytes Setting for STM32F429VET6
Khee Lye F. Jul 17, 2017 at 07:47 AM (07:47 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hi.

    Currently, we have few units of Cyclone FX in production.

    Recently, there is a change in software as in we need to do the option bytes setting by using the Cyclone FX.
    Our MCU chip is STM32F429VET6.

    How can we program the option bytes using Cyclone FX?



  • The standard STM32F429 algorithms have user commands that allows you to modify the Flash_OPTCR and FLASH_OPTCR1 option bytes. After you write to either FLASH_OPTCR or FLASH_OPTCR1, both registers are launched.

    • Hi, Juan.

      Are you referring to the user commands in the Programming Sequence?

      How can we set the specific User Configuration option byte as per shown in my attached picture?

  • "CF" is not a command that our flash algorithm understands. What software are you using?

    If you are using PROGACMP or a Cyclone Stand Alone Image, you can modify the USER byte option using the following command for a STM32F429VE as an example:

    US 2F

    What this command will do is program the User Option Byte to the value of 0x2F:

    Bit 7 = nRST_STDBY = 0
    Bit 6 = nRST_STOP = 0
    Bit 5 = WDG_SW = 1
    Bit 4 = BFB2 = 0
    Bit 3:2 = BOR_LEV = 11
    Bit 1:0 = Not Used = 11

    Please do make sure to use the latest support file. A link to the latest is below:

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