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Target Programme Voltage
Anoor E. Jul 10, 2017 at 11:18 AM (11:18 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello,

    We have 3 Cyclone Pro's 1 Cyclone Pro Rev B and 2 Cyclone Pro Rev C, all have the same prolem of unable to supply Voltage to the Target and died one after another over time. My question is could please provide with a schematic so that I can salvage atleast one unit as I have a job to programme a large batch of boards with new firmware. Thank you.


    • Anoor,

      I am not allowed to provide schematics for our products. However I can help you troubleshoot the issue and give you some recommendations on which components to replace.

      Which target power setting are you using on the Cyclone Pro Rev B and Cyclone Pro Rev C?


      • Hi Johnny,

        I want to use the 6pin BDM connector and thank you for offering help to fix this issue.

        With best regards


        • Do you want the Cyclone to generate power internally and then output it through the BDM connector via Pin 6? 

          The Cyclone Pro Rev B doesn't have this capability.

          For the Cyclone Pro Rev C, are you using the setting "Cyclone Pro Internal Power -> BDM Pin 6"

          • Hi Johnny,

            Yes I want the Cyclone Pro internal power through the 6pin BDM and I want to use the Rev C Cyclone Pro, the jumpers are set for this configuration but there is no power coming through the pin 6, hope this helps...

  • Hi Johnny,

    Any update on this? thank you.

    With best regards


    • Anoor

      I'm sorry about the delay. Have you tried programming your boards without using the Cyclone to provide power?

      I would first check the few protection diodes and fuses that we have connected to the BDM header.

      Check if the following appear damaged or if they are shorted to ground/Vcc.
      T3 OnSemi 1N5339BRLG Zener
      U38 SD24C.TCT TVS diode
      F3 fuse


      • Hi Johnny,

        I have the tested the said parts even before I contacted you and they are all fine. Yes the boards programme OK with external power supply. The present situation is the relays dont work and there is no enable signal to the LDO regulator U11, that is all I can tell you as it is quite hard to trace things without a schematic as the PCB is a multilayer board. Hope I will get some better help from you?. Thank you.

        With best regards


        • The enable signal for the LDO voltage regulator U11 is driven by the FPGA U10. If this signal is not present and the voltage regulator does not appear to be damaged, then the FPGA is damaged. You'll need to send it back and we will replace it with a new unit for a fee.

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