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[OpenSDA] FRDM K22F debugging with a different chip rather than MK20DX128
Abhishek V. Jul 6, 2017 at 05:16 PM (17:16 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • Hi All, 

    Good evening. Am working on a project on FRDM-K22 eval board using openSDA. i want to make my own protoype board with onlythe core and openSDA chip MK20DX128 and peripherals that would make for the project.

    Now the thing is ,i want to make my board smaller in size (i dont have much real estate on it).Hence , i want to replace the MK20DX128 with a smaller chip (an M0) size which i can program OpenSDA firmware on it so it will behave as it was working on the eval board.

    Currently, this is what i have been doing.
    flash the MK20DX with latest firmware i.e "k20dx128_bootloader_v22_0x8000.bin" using JLink
    then it resets as DAPLINKBOOT ( OpenSDA bootloader)
    drag and drop "DEBUG-FRDM-K22F_Pemicro_v108b_for_OpenSDA_v2.1" to it and power cycle to get the OpenSDA USB port working.
    Then program using KDS/MCU using PEMicro OpenSDA.

    I want to have same procedure but instead with different chip other then MK20DX128 , a smaller chip but which will give me same result of having a DAPLINKBOOT and then i will drag and drop "DEBUG-FRDM-K22F_Pemicro_v108b_for_OpenSDA_v2.1" then i can use it with KDS/MCU for my project.

    If you Any Suggestion for small chip or any advise would be greatly appreaciated.

    Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Abhishek, 

    Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, our OpenSDA firmware is designed to only run on k20dx128 device. There are no plans to convert it to be able to run on any other NXP device.

    This firmware is designed to work as an evaluation platform for corresponding NXP Freedom and Tower boards with a built in OpenSDA interface.

    Once you are ready to move forward with your own design, our recommendation would be to upgrade to one of our USB Multilinks (Universal, Universal FX and ACP). These interfaces will allow you to debug your ARM processor via a small standard JTAG or SWD header and they are compatible with all software IDEs that you were able to use with a built in OpenSDA hardware interface.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Zahar, 

    Thank you for replying.
    Yes that's what i taught it will only give us JTAG over to the MK20DX128 no chip other than that.
    I have a Universal FX multi-link that i use for debugging.This question only appeared because we wanted to debugging and programming over USB.I am considering of having a bootloader on the chip for programming the chip , debugging will be done by FX multilink.



  • Hi Abhi, 

    Unfortunately, this is not a use case that we can help you with implementing.

    Best Regards,

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