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Is it possible to use USB Multilink Rev.B on fast running S12XE (50MHz Bus)?
A W. Jun 29, 2017 at 08:00 PM (20:00 hours)
Staff: Edison T.

  • I have an older USB Multilink (HCS08/HCS12) Rev.B. and soon want to do some SW-Development on a full speed running S12XE (=50MHz Bus). 
    As far as i know, the USB Multilink Rev.B can only be used for bus speeds up to 35MHz. The S12XE offers the possibility to select an alternate clock (=external Osc Clock) for the Debugging Module. With the alternate clock setting, can i use the old Rev.B Multilink?


    • The older USB-ML-12 will not be able to support a 50MHz bus frequency. However, as you mentioned, this can be mitigated when using the alternate clock, which is our default setting. 

      Another option is to use the newer USB-ML-UNIVERSAL and USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX, which can support bus frequencies up to 50MHz.

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