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Help About flashing LPC1549 with USB Multilink universal fx
Olivier P. Jun 15, 2017 at 10:08 AM (10:08 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • HI,
    I 'm new on LPC1549 of NXP.
    I try to program or debug my processor with Usb Multilink Universal FX . The connection between the processor and th Usb Multilink is correct.

    i try to put the Gdb Program on MCUXPRESSO 10.003 :
    ARM-none-eabi-gdb.exe -> No connection
    ANd after i try to put the gdb program
    After 95% of telechargement that don't fonction

    Witch gdb programm must i take ?
    Have you a documentation about Usbmultilink and Mcuxpresso

    Thanks of your reponse


  • In fact, When i launch server locally, i can debug . the pe micro universal REV B is  detected, but if i want to programme the processor with the icon program, the mcuxpresso say me : No compatible probe avaible they may be disable,disconnect, no powered,already in use or not compatible with this target..

    Wath can i do for programing the lpc1549 ?
    Help me please

  • Olivier,

    You need to select P&E in the debug configurations. You should see the blue PEMicro icon when you look at debug configurations.

    Out of curiousity are you using LPCExpresso or MCUExpresso?



    I see the blue Icon PEmicro
    But i can not flash my processor
    I can just debug...
    Do you known to flash the processor ?
    Best regards

  • Olivier,

    If you are just looking to flash the processor, may I recommend PROGACMP? Are interactive and command line flash programmer?

  • NO , I want debug and programme the LPC1549...
    I suppose Mcuxpresso make the Two... but that dont' fonction.
    --When my config is : ARM-none-eabi-gdb.exe
    Flash 1x32x64K
    file: Main.axf
    The response is : "The current language do not match this frame"

    --When my config is : ARM-none-eabi-gdb.exe
    Flash 1x32x64K
    file: Main.hex
    The reponse is : " Monitor selectcore 0
    No symbole table is loaded :" Use the file command"
    But that don't start

    Have you a documentation who explain the flash mcuxpresso and PE micro ?

  • Olivier,

    When you go into debug configurations do you see the multilink universal fx?

    (debugger tab)

  • Yes i see this probe...
    See the réponse of the probe...
    It is perhaps a pb with nxp and not pe micro..

    The program say me :
    Checksum vérification successfull
    Target has been reset and is active.

    Monitor preserv0 0
    Monitor selecCore 0

    but that don't debug

  • Olivier, if you press the yellow pause button is your code stuck somewhere?

  • Olivier,

    Any update on your progress?

  • Hello Kevin . Yes i have progressed . The mcuXpresso  detect the pe micro 
    probe correctly , But i can't start the processeur... that say me:

    " PE ERROR , Warning Can't read registre will parts is running "
    And i can't function..
    I work with a man of Nxp and he thinks
    Multilinks Universal FX rev B don't function correctly with lpc1549
    That made 1 mounth i work with he....
    We have all try...

    Sorry ....Have you try to program lpc1549 with Mcuxpresso ?
    I think there are a problem...

  • the reponse of NXP:
    "Hi Olivier,
    My Multilink is mainly used for kinetis chip, it has no license for LPC chip.
    Now, can you also try it in the IAR or MDK IDE, whether your PE multilink can
    work or not?
    Just to identify the problem from IDE or debugger tool.
    If your IAR or MDK also have the debug problem, I think you need to contact
    with P&E to check the problem.
    I have test the JLINK and CMSIS DAP to debug the LPC chip in the MCUXpresso,
    it has no problem. If the IAR and MDK don't have the debug problem with your
    Multilink, please also let me know, I will help you to check it with our
    MCUXpresso IDE colleague

  • Olivier,

    The multilink FX rev B works with the 1549.

    Please update to the latest version of the plugin.

  • Sorry i can't  télécharge  your "WWW.PEMICRO.COM/ECLIPSE/Update"; 
    Have you a direct liens ?

  • You need to type this into the install new software dialog in eclipse.

    Help -> Install New Software ... -> and in the work with field type

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