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How to program Kinetics MKV10Z32VLC7 with cyclone max
Vigneshkumar P. Jun 15, 2017 at 06:46 AM (06:46 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I am using my own board of MKV10Z32VLC7. I just tried to create the SAP image file from .elf file of my project as like I done for PA16 controllers. Now I added the SAP file to cyclone max and I tried to program the target board, it fails and shows the error code of $000007. I used the same connector and FRC cable which is used to program the same target board with MULTILINK UNIVERSAL. How to program the kinetics using cyclone max.


    • Vigneshkumar

      Error $000007 means cannot enter debug mode so it is a communication problem with the microcontroller.

      Please open a Support Request ticket and provide the following information.

      Support Tab -> Support Requests -> Report a product bug or problem

      1) Picture of the target board and debug header

      2) Picture of the Cyclone Max

      3) Picture of the Cyclone Max SWD adapter

      4) Picture of the Image Creation Utility with your settings.

      1) How are you powering the target board?
      2) Are you programming by JTAG or SWD?
      3) What is the firmware version of the Cyclone Max?


      • Hi, I powered the board with +5V external supply. And I'm using SWD configuration only.
        Cyclone max version:

        • Change Note: Cyclone max version:7.93-6.2

          • This issue will be handled in your support ticket.

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