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Legacy BDML card driver CD
Jim W. Jun 12, 2017 at 12:56 PM (12:56 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • We have a few legacy test systems that use the discontinued BDML Lightening Card and one has recently died on us.  We have misplaced the driver CD we use to set these computers up and need to find a replacement.  We have several different versions of the CD but only one worked with our test software.  We cannot make changes to the test system software or hardware design.

    Can you help me determine, perhaps by checking some setting or file creation date on one of the other test systems' C:\pemicro folder or device driver version, which version it is that worked, and then obtain a copy of the CD (or equivalent download) to replicate the same version?

    If you have a driver depot where we can just download several editions and try them one at a time on a substitute computer that would be an acceptable option as well.

    We tried installing a couple of other versions and none worked. I think we're stuck using this one specific version, whichever it is.

    For reference, we're using Windows 2000.

    The installation instructions for setting up the computer include the following for installing the BDML driver. I hope this helps as well:

    Step 7. Install P&E Microcomputer Systems “PKC16Z 68HC16 Windows Development Package”.

    Step 8. Install P&E Microcomputer Systems “PEDRV BDM Lightning Driver”. You may not need this step if installing using P&E’s latest blue CD.



    • I searched our depot and I was only able to find one version of the BDM lightning drivers for Windows 2000. I will zip it up and send you the files. You should see a download link on the homepage.

  • Thank you for the driver.  Do you still have "PKC16Z 68HC16 Windows Development Package"?

    • I just sent you a download link.

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