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68hc16 breakpoints
Tom M. Jun 6, 2017 at 11:58 AM (11:58 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • Is there any way to put a breakpoint in the code?

    In you talk about using the BKPT instruction, but according to my data sheets, this opcode does not exist for the 68hc16.

    You also mention loading code into RAM and using software breakpoints. Is there any ap note on loading code into RAM around?



    • Dear Tom,

      What chip are you trying to program? The procedure may be different on different chips, but often there is BKPT pin that can be used to apply a breakpoint.

      For loading a project into RAM, you would have to use ICD and perform a HLOAD command using your S19 object file. This will load the project into RAM and allow you to debug it using software breakpoints.

  • More problems. While debugging I started getting BERR Terminated Cycle - No Opcode
    messages. Happens with all boards I try.

    System is Xp Pro, SP3, ICD16Z V1.65.00.00 and USB CPU16 Multilink (USB-ML-16) unit.

    I can still program and verify OK with PROG16Z V2.16.00.00.

    Any ideas?


    • Dear Tom,

      The error here occurs because when trying to display the source code, the PC went to a location that caused a bus error. Basically, while trying to read the source, the program got a bus error from the chip and displays that error. The issue may be because the setup of memory is not entirely correct causing it to look in an undefined location.


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