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Operators not working in CASMCFZ
Paul M. Jun 1, 2017 at 03:58 PM (15:58 hours)
Staff: Kevin A. P.

  • I am starting to use CASMCFZ that I purchased a while ago. The Help on the CASMCFZ manual says it is version 50.1.7600.16384 (2007). At least three of the operators that are described in the manual don't seem to work (They do work in the CASM08W which I have used quite extensively). These are the complement operator '~' and the shift left operator '<' and the shift right operator '<'. Also, this assembler doesn't correctly report the line number that the error occurred on. For example, I have the following instruction on line #416 of a source file. 

    AND.L #{1 < Gbl0_fp_Acm},D1

    The error window says: "Current Line: 366". This is the offending instruction because when I comment it out, the error goes away. But the line number is not 366. This assembler seems to do little to help identify the cause of an assembly error. It is not nearly as good as your CASM08W product.


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