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Problem when Programming MC9S12A64CFU
Luca C. May 29, 2017 at 09:36 AM (09:36 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • We are using the USB-Multilink cable.

    The goal is to program a MC9S12A64CFU microcontroller.

    We are using the "HCS12" architecture and controller "Freescale 9S12A64_1x16x32k_64k_Linear_16K_page.12p".

    I am using 6 pin female / ribbon cable. This cable is connected direct to the BDM connector on the PCB. I am connecting the other cable end direct to the 6 pin port on the USB-M. I am powering the target with separate power supply.

    I’m using a S19 format, in which is also present the bootloader.

    When I try programming module it’s show me the following message “All S record addresses not in range a module.”

    In the status window show “Invalid addresses in srecord block from $00004000 to $0000401F”

    I aborted without to continue the programming

    Is it possible that the algorithm is not correct?
    How could I resolve?



    • Luca,

      It sounds like you are most likely experiencing an issue related to the differences between "logical" and "physical" addressing on HCS12 devices.

      If that doesn't work, please email your S19 file to so we can analyze it.


      • I converted .S19 file in .phy by your log2phy program and now it's work corrently!


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