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Flash Memory of STM32F030C8
rose l. May 17, 2017 at 05:00 AM (05:00 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Good morning,
    Please look at the following code:
    [code]u8bit write_para_to_flash(u16bit wVal, u8bit bType)
      FLASH_Status temp_stat;
      u32bit temp_addr = BASE_ADD;
      FLASH_Unlock();                                          // Flash½âËø£¬ÔÊÐí²Ù×÷Ïà¹ØµÄ¼Ä´æÆ÷
      temp_addr = temp_addr + (bType << 4);
      temp_stat = FLASH_ProgramHalfWord(temp_addr,wVal);
      if(temp_stat != FLASH_COMPLETE)
        return FALSE;
        wParaArray[bType] = wVal;
        return TRUE;
    void mem_init(void)
      u8bit  bIndex;
      for(bIndex = 0; bIndex < MAX_PARA_NUM; bIndex++)
        wParaArray[bIndex] = get_para_from_flash(bIndex);
      if(wParaArray[MEM_WRITTEN] != WRITE_VAL)
        wParaArray[BaudOffset] = DEFAULT_BAUD;
        wParaArray[NEG_Offset] = DEFAULT_NEG_VAL;
        wParaArray[POS_Offset] = DEFAULT_POS_VAL;
        wParaArray[MEM_WRITTEN] = WRITE_VAL;
        for(bIndex = 0; bIndex < MAX_PARA_NUM; bIndex++)
          write_para_to_flash(wParaArray[bIndex], bIndex);

    It's about Flash Memory of STM32F030C8. (this one: ) I don’t know why it can write afte erasing one time( I mean that writing initalized value in succesfully). But the dubugging was failed in the following program. Do you know how to solve it?
    Thanks a lot!


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