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How to program an image per button pressing?
Jonathan M. May 9, 2017 at 05:17 PM (17:17 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi community!

    We have a directory with a bunch of *.SAP images. That shall be loaded to the devices via Cyclone FX.

    Is it possible to have one button press interaction per *.SAP image?

    Via PC or Cyclone button?


  • Hi,

    Can you further clarify what you are trying to do?

    Are you trying to automate the entire process of creating the SAP image, loading the SAP onto the Cyclone, selecting the SAP, and then launching it?

    If the images are manually loaded and you just want an automated way to launch the images afterwards, we have a utility called sap_launch that can be executed within a batch file. sap_launch.exe parameters are the cyclones identifier and the image number that you want to execute. This utility is included free of charge with the Cyclone software package.


    • Thanks Johnny!

      Yes, indeed we need a PC to perform that sort of operation. But, the basic DLL usage along with the sap_launch.exe does not allow to give an image index greater than one, so we're making use of the basic functionality meanwhile.

      The target functionality is just to program 'n' images that contain customized data, so, storing the images in SDHC and flash devices via CMD or a Visual C# Software, and program devices in an incremental traverse of image fashion. But, guess that in order to achieve that, we need the Pro version. Am I right?

      Thanks a lot for your time and attention!

      Kind regards,
      Jon M.

      • The free basic license is for proof of concept/evaluation only so it doesn't allow an image index higher than 1. The professional and enterprise license removes this  restriction.

        You can create the target functionality with the DLL. Here is one approach:

        - Call CSAPACMPZ.EXE from the commandline with your configuration script to generate each *.SAP file
        - Your C# application calls the add_image_to_cyclone(*.SAP) routine in the DLL to load the image to the SDHC card as required.
        - Connect board #n to the Cyclone. Your C# application calls the START_execute_all_commands(#n) routine in the DLL to program the image
        - Wait for PASS/FAIL result and log
        - Perform any additional calibration/testing if required.

        This is how the process would generally work.

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