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Multilink in Windows 10 Virtual Machine
Francis C. May 2, 2017 at 04:30 PM (16:30 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Hello,

    I am using Virtualbox with a MultilinkACP and I have the exact same problem that a VMWare with a Multilink Universal user has described in this thread (it is seen in the IDE only for a very short time at connection)

    Are the Multilinks supposed to work properly with Virtualbox and Window 10 32bits as guest OS (Ubuntu 16.04 host)

    Thank you


  • Francis,

    Do other USB devices work normally?



    • Yes. All other USB devices work properly.  I even have a Segger J-Link that works properly through the VM...

      Could it be something related to Multilink ACP driver vs Multilink Universal driver?


  • Francis, I do not think it has to do with the type of multilink. 

    Does the multilink appear in the guest machine's device manager?

    • Yes Kevin, I have under Jungo:
      - USB Multilink 2.0, 2/18/2016, ver., VID_1357 PID_0503 REV_0910
      - WinDriver, 2/18/2016, ver., WINDDRVR6
      Both have been installed by Driver Manager with status 0x0.


  • Okay that is good.

    Are you using KDS? Can you try updating to the latest version of the plugin? ?

  • Yes I'm using KDS with plugin version
    I have successfully installed all the same on another computer (no VM)


    • I have also tried with CodeWarrior just to compare, and it doesn't see it either

    • In fact, the Multilink ACP can be seen by either KDS and CodeWarrior a split second on connection, depending upon I hit Refresh at the right time.   But when I hit Refresh again, it's not there anymore.

    • I have tried uninstalling the driver and uninstalling and reinstalling the PEmultilink_universal_install.


      • ... to no avail

  • Francis,

    Please check your email, I just sent you a file post

    • Hi Kevin,

      Same thing: if I hit Refresh List and plug in the MultilinkACP half a second after, the Connection Manager will see it. And if I hit Refresh List again, it says Undetected. But it still can be seen in Windows 10 (32bit) device manager.


  • Francis,

    One more thing to try: Make sure the guest additions cd has been installed

  • Francis,

    Any update on the issue?

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