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USBLIB not loaded
Sander V. Apr 24, 2017 at 03:26 PM (15:26 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • I've searched through forum topics and I'm stuck at this point: I'm on a Windows 7 64bit machine, and I have a DEMO9S08SH8 board I'm trying to connect to with Codewarrior 10.7 (latest version). It won't work. It finds the board just fine in the flash programming menu, but won't download or erase the flash. 
    I have reinstalled everything, including Codewarrior, the PEMicro driver updates, and the PEMicro Firmware update as suggested in other posts.
    The problem I found with the PEMicro driver test was that the libusb0.dll and .sys files were missing. I've manually put them into the correct locations having copied them out of the C:\PEMicro folders but I still don't have libusb-win32 running in my device manager. I have no idea where to go from here - any help is appreciated!


  • Sander,

    Does the device show up in device manager with a question mark? Have you tried manually installing the drivers using device manager?

  • It does not show up with a question mark, so I can't load in the driver this way. P&E Micro USB shows up under Jungo when I plug it in, but that's it. I've read I should also see an entry under libusb-win32 devices but that doesn't exist. 

    Codewarrior sees the demo board when I set up my flash configuration - I have it plugged in directly via USB at the moment (not through the 6-pin BDM port, although I'm concerned this may not work now also). It just won't download, gives me an error saying it can't connect - it gives me the option to retry, and shows the demo board part number on the USB connection, but won't succeed so I have to cancel it.

  • Hi Sander,

    Sorry for the delay in the response.

    Can I remote into your machine to take a look around?

  • Hey Kevin - I ended up making it work with the BDM port (which I soldered on) and my old USB programmer. I would still like to be able to get it to work over just USB (that's the idea behind the demo board afterall), but I'm not working on it at the moment. Can you email me some contact info to follow up with? Thanks

  • Sander,

    You can email me at kevin (dot) meyer (at) pemicro (dot) com

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