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Unable to load debug information in ICD32Z
Steven W. Apr 14, 2017 at 01:40 PM (13:40 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • I'm working with a 68332-based system using GCC 6.1.0. I started with generating an ELF file, but got an error 103, which I determined was due to having debug information in the ELF file, because stripping debug information allowed ICD32Z to load the ELF file without problems.

    Using either the BETA/HLOAD sequence (from "P&E, GNU, and ELF/DWARF") or the HLOADMAP command (from "Debugging with C and ELF/DWARF" with a file containing only debug information produces the following:

    <path>\test.dbg detected as file type 'ELF/DWARF'.
    Error during load.

    The error is the same whether I compile with "-g" or "-gdwarf-2" in my linker options.

    What causes the "error during load" message, and how can I get source-level debugging working?


  • Can I get some sort of response, please? Do you need further information? I'd like to get this problem solved.


  • This issue was solved using a Support Request. The version Steven was using did not have support for his file type, but by upgrading to the latest version he was able to get the debugging support.

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