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some trouble about make .dll file control the u_cyclone
jinde w. Feb 7, 2017 at 08:09 AM (08:09 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • HI:
    I encountered two problems in the use of dynamic link library file control U_CYCLONE
    1: after installing the PEDrivers_install driver file. Connect to U_cyclone and run the connection function device without any response. The function name "connect_to_cyclonepromax" returns a value of 0
    Is there anything important steps i have not do it?
    2: I use LABVIEW 2012 call function node, I would like to ask some of the steps in the use of DLL, Could you provide some examples of the use of LABVIEW?.
    thanks .


    • Hi Jinde,

      Before you can get a handle through "connect_to_cyclonepromax", you have the load the dll into memory to make all the functions available and then detect all the connected Cyclones.

      load_dll() -> enumerate_all_ports() -> connect_to_cyclonepromax

      Please make sure that you are performing each of these steps. Can you call the version function and tell me if it is returning the right version number?


  • hi
    The version number I gotten is which from the version function.
    and now I can not see the load _dll() from the labview .just call the enumerate_all_ports() and the connect_to_cyclonepromax(),and i cannot get the right handle returned.and I am not sure which setting is right about the function of connect_to_cyclonepromax() following

    connect_to_cyclonepromax(5, 2, universal_PEM932EC0)

    connect_to_cyclonepromax(5, 3, USB1)

    connect_to_cyclonepromax(5, 1,

    I can use the DEMO executable both read and programming image. but there is no response in LABVIEW 2012.

    Thank you for your consideration and I will be looking forward to your reply。

    • Jinde,

      I sent you a different header file from a customer's LabView project which I would like you to test. It modifies the .h to use "extern C" for each function so the compiler uses C-style linking.


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