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make the DLL communication with Universal_PE by LABVIEW
jinde w. Jan 25, 2017 at 02:20 AM (02:20 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • HI :
    I want to make the DLL communication with Universal_PE by LABVIEW
    5 steps follows
    but the error window tell me: the basic version of this dll does not allow contacting to more than one unique cyclone!

    I set the PortType_USB 5;I set Open_by_Port_Num 3;I do not understand the words from the Cyclone Automated Control Package Developer‟s Manual:"If identifying by port and the Cyclone is
    connected by USB, the string should be USB#
    where # is 1…8. "
    how to make sure the #?

    Is there any examples about THE LABVIEW DRIVES the basic edition by the dll document?


    • Hi Jinde,

      The Basic Edition DLL will only be able to talk to the the first Cyclone that you connect to. After that, you cannot connect to any other Cyclones.

      Example: You have 1 Cyclone Pro connected by USB and the Name is CYCLONE1 and the IP is

      You can open a connection with the following calls:

      connect_to_cyclonepromax(PortType_USB, Open_by_Name, CYCLONE1)

      connect_to_cyclonepromax(PortType_USB, Open_by_Port_Num, USB1)

      connect_to_cyclonepromax(PortType_USB, Open_by_IP_Address,


  • Hello:
    I would like to use the LABVIEW driver the .DLL file to control the U_CYCLONE. but when I open the SDK example, and select the IP1 then the alarm statement“error opening device”.and the device do not antything.
    We use the LABVIEW 2012 software, I would like to ask whether the use of the corresponding examples, thank you

    • Hi Jinde,

      Are you able to connect to the same Cyclone using the IP Configuration Utility (ipconfig.exe) through both USB and Ethernet?

      Are you still using the Basic edition of the DLL?


  • Hi Johnny

    YES.I,can connect the same Cyclone using the IP Configuration Utility to send the .SAP to Cyclone through USB .
    Yes,I using the Basic edition of the DLL.

  • p.s 
    I can connect the same Cyclone using the IP Configuration Utility.both open
    and close.

    • Was this ever figured out?

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