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Access violation at address 00536E2F in module 'CreateImage.exe'
. Jan 13, 2017 at 07:42 PM (19:42 hours)
Staff: Huajun L.

  • CreateImage.exe was working beautifully until my battery died and the computer shut down with it open.  Once I plugged in and rebooted, I couldn't open CreateImage.exe without getting this error.  

    If I then try to save images to a cyclone I get another error "I/O Error 103"

    Any thought on why this is happening?


  • Greetings!

    Would you please try the following and see if you still have the issue:

    uninstall your current cyclone software,
    restart your computer,
    install our latest single file installer software,
    restart your computer.

    Best Regards

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