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how to make the MCU control the u_cyclone by RS232
jinde w. Jan 6, 2017 at 02:52 AM (02:52 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Our company bought a U-cyclone burning device, need to use a MCU through the RS232 control
    So I would like to know whether to buy the corresponding package to support our work. Including whether there is a C language driver example.
    The question is if the purchase of Licesence can only be installed on the PC 5 times, does it also related to my MCU restrictions?


    • Hi Jinge,

      I think I understand what you are trying to do and please clarify where I am not correct. You will develop an embedded C-application that will run on a host board. The application will send commands through an onboard RS232 to control the Cyclone Universal to program a second board.

      The Enterprise license restricts you to loading the DLL onto 5 PCs. Since the RS-232 protocol doesn't require the DLL, you are not affected by this limit.

      How are you planning on programming the C-application onto the host board?

      Are you okay with the Cyclone Universal being pre-loaded with a SAP image so that your application only has to send one command to start programming?


  • I want to  choose the SAP image which in the Cyclone Universal,and start programming and receive the result of ok or not . so we wants to buy the communication protocol which without restrictions.
    Is it ok?

    The communication protocol based on C language and then download to MCU.

    In the C environment(Keil uvision2), Make advantage of the communication protocol written into a program and send to my MCU .Is it OK?

    I will program the C-application by myself .so I just know the RS-232 protocol,and be sure there is no restriction about it .and then buy it.
    if there is ok We will sign a contract to the beijin company.
    please gave me the information as soon as possible.


    • Hi Jinde,

      Yes you can choose a SAP image that is already stored on the Cyclone Universal (you can store up to 8).

      The RS-232 protocol allows you to send hex commands directly so you don't need to load any DLLs. The protocol is only available as part of the Enterprise Edition.


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