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differences between CPROG08SZ,prog08sz and csaphcs08z.
PREETU ABRAHAM K. Dec 21, 2016 at 04:50 PM (16:50 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi,

    I would like to know the differences between CPROG08SZ,prog08sz and csaphcs08z.

    I had bought a PE Micro device and had only prog08sz and csaphcs08z .exe files with it but not CPROG08SZ(recently I figured that CPROG08SZ and csaphcs08z are different)

    As per my understanding, using

    1)prog08sz we can program the image file onto target directly
    2)using csaphcs08z ,the image can be loaded into cyclone pro device and then manually we have to load the image to target using the options in Cyclone pro device
    3)using CPROG08SZ ,we can directly load into target using the command line interface

    Please let me know as per my understanding the above listed details are correct


  • Sorry Whether there is a command line interface programmer for HCS08 like CPROG08SZ  for HC08

    Whether CPROGHC08SZ,proghcs08 AND csaphcs08z ARE DIFFERENT

    • Hi Preetu,

      1) PROG08SZ allows you to manually program your HC08 target through a GUI. This is a free application that is included with your hardware.

      2) CSAPHCS08SZ generates and downloads images for the HCS08 target to the Cyclone Pro. It is part of the Cyclone Pro software package.

      3) CPROG08SZ allows you to program your HC08 target through the commandline using batch files and scripts for automation. This is a purchased product.

      What software you need to buy depends on what PEmicro hardware you currently have and what the part number of your target chip is.

      PEmicro Engineering Support

  • Can u send the link for CPROGHCS08 for HCS08 processor to purchase it since I am not able to find it 

    There is only HC08 processor one

    • What P&E hardware do you currently have and what is the part number of your target chip?

  • The P&E hardware is Cyclone Pro and the chip that is going to be used is MC9S08GT60 and MC9S08AC128 , both are HCS08 processors

  • Thanks Johnny

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