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ICDPPCNEXUS crashes on Win10 due to unsigned driver
Catherine C. Dec 12, 2016 at 05:16 PM (17:16 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello, 

    I'm attempting to install ICDPPCNEXUS on a Windows 10 machine (currently have it running on a Windows 7 machine). I downloaded a new install, as well as the drivers updated in June 2016. However, when I try to connect to our board (MPC5643l), the debugger freezes and crashes.

    I believe narrowed this down to an unsigned driver problem. This is because when I reboot the machine with "Disable driver signing enforcement," the debugger runs perfectly. I think it is a problem with the Jungo WinDriver, because in that driver's properties it states that Windows cannot verify the signature on that driver. I have driver version Are there any newer versions of the driver I can install?


    • Hi Catherine,

      Is your computer running Windows 10 Anniversary update 1607?

      P&E Engineering Support

      • Yes, Win10 Version 1607, OS build 14393.479

        • Hi Catherine,

          There is a known issue with driver signing on new installations of Windows 10 Anniversary update 1607.

          We are working to resolve the issue with a drivers update, but one workaround for now is to turn off secure boot in the bios.

          This document from Microsoft describes how to disable secure boot via your PC's

          However, please do note that exact steps to disable it may vary slightly with each PC manufacturer.

          PEmicro Engineering Support

          • Thank you for the info! I may not be allowed to disable secure boot (these win10 machines will be in use by other people). Are there any other known workarounds that you know of? Have others successfully signed WinDriver for use in Windows 10?

            • Unfortunately, we have not found any other workarounds at this time. Microsoft made the requirements for loading drivers much more strict in this new update and we are still working on a solution. I will contact you as soon we have something.

              • Thank you so much! Best of luck!

              • I spent over 20 hours trying to solve this same issue after installing Codewarrior 10.7 and the USB Universal FX Multilink debugger on a brand new Windows 10 computer....

                Neither the WinDriver or the USB MultiLink are signed by Microsoft, which absolutely amazes me that PEMicro nor Jungo have gotten their drivers signed yet.

                So everytime I tried to EDIT the "Target Settings", codewarrior would crash. It wasn't until spending an exhausted amount of time searching for a possible solution that I came across this thread.

                Recommendation: PLEASE inform those who may be purchasing your equipment that in order to get it to work in windows 10, that they must disable the Driver Signature Enforcement Policy, kind of what you eluded to in this current thread... This notification SHOULD BE SPLASHED ON THE FRONT PAGE OF YOUR PRODUCT LIST, and not buried in some obscure location in the labyrinth of threads on your forums page...

                And while your at it, get the drivers signed by microsoft already...

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