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Target DLL error for USB multilink
Gayatri P. Dec 6, 2016 at 05:38 AM (05:38 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • I am using Keil IDE. Problem is, after connection and debugger settings completion, while flash downloading, error shows that "Flash Download Failed and Target DLL has been cancelled".
    I have placed DLL (Pemicro_ArmCortexInterface.dll) in my system's PE micro folder but why it is showing this error?

    I have used Mini-10 connector as my board requires few signals only for JTAG.


  • Hi Gayatri, 

    Which version of Keil IDE are you working with?

    Which microprocessor are you trying to program?

    If you go to {Keil Installation Folder}\ARM\pemicro\P&E folder what version of icdarmcortex and progarmcortex dlls do you see?

    What is the exact name and revision number of the USB Multilink that you are using?

    Best Regards,

  • Keil IDE version is 4;
    Controller is cortex M0 - LPC812M

    USB multilink is USB-ML-UNIVERSAL RevB (it is on debugger) and it's version updated to 6 (or 6 point something - I didn't see particularly) version firmware (it was shown as updating firmware while connecting to controller)

    Release notes file name is "Release_Notes_v114.txt". Below is shown in that file

    " Release notes for v114:
    (*) Added USB Multilink FX Firmware 7.09
    (*) Added Cyclone Max Firmware 7.77
    (*) Added device support for the following:

    Kinetis- L Series:
    KL16Z32M4, KL16Z64M4, KL16Z128M4, KL16Z256M4,
    KL26Z32M4, KL26Z64M4, KL26Z128M4, KL26Z256M4,
    KL36Z64M4, KL36Z128M4, KL36Z256M4,

    Release notes for v113:
    (*) Added Tracelink Firmware 1.31
    (*) Added device support for the following:

    KE02 Series:
    KE02Z16M2, KE02Z32M2, KE02Z64M2

    Release notes for v112:
    (*) Updated drivers
    (*) Updated USB-ML-Universal Firmware to 6.10
    (*) Updated USB-ML-FX Firmware to 7.08
    (*) Updated OSBDM Arm Firmware to 31.21
    (*) Added device support for the following:

    K21/K22 120MHz:
    K21FX512M12, K21FN1M0M12, K22FX512M12, K22FN1M0M12

    K21/K22 100MHz:
    K21FX512M10, K22FX512M10

    Kinetis- L Series;
    KL02Z32M4, KL02Z16M4, KL02Z8M4

    Kinetis- M Series:
    KM13Z64M5, KM14Z64M5, KM14Z128M5, KM32Z64M5, KM33Z64M5, KM33Z128M5, KM34Z128M5, KM38Z128M5

    Release notes for v111:
    (*) Updated Cyclone Max Firmware to 7.73
    (*) Updated USB-ML-Universal Firmware to 6.09
    (*) Added device support for the following:

    k11fn1m0m10, k12fn1m0m10, k21fn1m0m10, k22fn1m0m10

    Release notes for v110:
    (*) Added OPENSDA support for production firmware v1.00
    (*) L-Series support for breakpoints, stepping, etc
    (*) Updated Pemicro_ArmConnectionAssistant.dll to support OpenSDA
    (*) Updated drivers to support OPENSDA production firmware v1.00

    Release notes for v106:
    (*) Updated Cyclone Max Firmware to 7.70
    (*) Updated USB-ML-Universal Firmware to 6.08
    (*) Updated USB-ML-FX Firmware to 7.07
    (*) Updated ICD dll to version 1.09 to support M0+ core and low power modes
    (*) Updated prog dll to version 1.11 to support M0+ core and low power modes
    (*) Updated Pemicro_ArmConnectionAssistant.dll to support SWD
    (*) Added device support for the following:

    KL04Z8M4, KL04Z16M4,KL04Z32M4,KL05Z8M4,KL05Z16M4,




    I didn't understand these clearly. Please provide the correct "Pemicro_ArmCortexInterface.dll" and "Pemicro_ArmConnectionAssistant.dll" files and other required if any for both keil 4 and 5 because few persons are using 5 version.

    One more is, after installing the keil supported drivers for PE micro, LPC812 device is there in settings to select.

  • Hi Gayatri, 

    From the information you provided you are using a very old version of Keil which came with P&E's plugin that does not support LPC devices.

    We have the latest P&E Keil installer available for download on our website:

    Please start up the Keil installer, specify the installation directory of Keil IDE and it will automatically install the latest P&E support into the correct place within Keil IDE layout.

    Please let me know if it resolves the issue you are seeing.

    Best Regards,

  • I have already installed those. After installation, in debugger settings tab, I have selected debugger and selected our controller. But while code downloading into controller flash, error occurs. 

    Could you please send me the drivers installation order and required folder location. Is there any chance of this error if my "Pemicro_ArmCortexInterface.dll" is older than my Keil version means not matching.

    If you give your mail id I will send the error shown.

  • Hi Gayatri, 

    Please email me a Keil LPC812 project and screen capture of the errors to the following email zahar 'dot' raskin 'at' pemicro 'dot' com.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Gayatri, 

    Our development team actually tracked down an issue with LPC8xx FLASH programming and addressed it via a FLASH programming algorithm update.

    It will be included in the next P&E deliverable release.

    In the meantime, please send me an email to zahar dot raskin at pemicro dot com and I will be happy to share updated algorithms with you.

    Best Regards,

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