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Connector for ARM devices in Multilink Universal
Gayatri P. Dec 5, 2016 at 02:31 AM (02:31 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • We are using Multilink Universal debugger for ST Micro. In it's website it is showing that Multilink can be used as debugger for NXP LPC ARM devices also. We are in confusion which connector either MINI-10 or MINI-20 or 20-pin 0.100" pitch ribbon cable. We can select pin header based on our required signals or is there any particular reason to select.


  • Gayatri,

    Both the STM32 and LPC devices will work with any of those ribbon cables.

    As far as which cable you use, that is up to you and your manufacturing specifications. Some customers even create custom cables.

    Do you have questions as to what signals are required for SWD/JTAG communication? I would be happy to provide them if so.



    • I have used Mini-10 connector as my board requires few signals only for JTAG.

      I am using Keil IDE. Problem is, after connection and debugger settings completion, while flash downloading, error shows that "Flash Download Failed and Target DLL has been cancelled".
      I have placed DLL (Pemicro_ArmCortexInterface.dll) in my system's PE micro folder but why it is showing this error?

  • Gayatri,

    This error is a general error when our tools cannot connect to the target.

    Is your target powered? Did you check the connections?



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